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Monday, November 12, 2012

Burlap Wreath


    1½ yd burlap
    12" wire wreath frame
    1 spool floral wire or 26-gauge jewelry wire
    Wire cutters
    Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
    Chalk or marking pen


1. Cut 3 strips of burlap 5"x1½ yd.
2. Gather one end of one strip and secure it with wire in a twist-tie fashion.
3. Secure the wire to the innermost ring on wreath frame.
4. Next, gather about 6" of burlap and bubble it to desired volume. Secure the end of the bubbled burlap to the next notched section of the wreath using wire.
5. Continue this technique around the innermost ring until reaching the starting point. Secure end with wire and trim excess.
6. Repeat the same technique for the middle ring of the wreath and the outer ring of the wreath. Note: Larger quantities of burlap may be necessary for the outer ring.
7. Once finished, tuck in any ends and adjust bubbles as desired.
8. Cut a strip of burlap to make a bow. Tie bow and secure to top of wreath.

Have Fun!

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